Name of the laboratory Name of the equipment machines
POWER ELECTRONICS Gate firing circuits for SCR's
Single phase fully controlled bridge converter with R & RL Loads
Single phase AC Voltage Converter with R & RL Load
Forced Commutation Circuits(Class-A,B,C,D and Class-E)
Single Phase Series Inverter with R & RL Loads
Study of Characreristics of SCR,MOSFET & IGBT
DC Jones Chopper with R & RL Loads
Single Phase Parallel Inverter with R & RL Loads
Single Phase Cycloconverter with R & RL Loads
Single Phase half Controller Converter with R & RL Load
CONTROL SYSTEMS Magnetic Amplifier
Temperature Controller using PID
Synchronous Transmitter and Receiver Pair
Transfer Function of DC Motor Power Unit
Compensation Designer
Linear System Simulators
PID Controller
DC Machines Two identical DC Shunt Machines set
Two identical DC Series Machines set
DC Compound Motor 3Hp,220V
Load test on D.C Series Generator
Load test on D.C Compound Generator
5HP DC Shunt Motor Coupled with 3 KVA Alternator Salient Pole Type
Magnetisation Characterstics of DC Shunt Generator
Swinbyrnes test on DC Shunt Motor
Break test on DC Shunt motor
Regulation by Synchronous Impedance method
Portable MC Type Ammeters(0-20A)
Portable MC Type Ammeters(0-2A)
Portable MC Type Voltmeters150V/300V
Resistive Load 1PH 20 A with 10 Steps of 2A
Rheostats 350 ohms/2A
Rheostats 370 ohms/1.7A
Rheostats 500 ohms/1A
Digital Tachometers
DC Rectifier Unit 220V,100A
Bakelite Sheets
AC Machines OC & SC Tests on 1PH T/F
3PH Auto Transformer Closed Type
1PH Auto Transformer Closed Type
Single Phase 2KVA Transformers
Single Phase 3KVA Transformers
Single Phase Auto Transformers 15A,0-270V,50Hz
Resistive Load 3 PH 10A with 10 Steps of 1 A
Portable MC/MI Type Ammeters
Portable MC/MI Type Voltmeters
Panel Board Terminals(Banana)
Break test on 3Ph Induction Motor
Portable MI Type Ammeters(1A/2A)
Portable MI Type Ammeters(5A/10A)
Portable MI Type Ammeters(10A/20A)
Portable M.I Type Voltmeters 150/300/600V
Panel Board Terminals(15A)
Panel Board Terminals(15A)
Synchronous Motor 415V,AC 3KW Coupled with Break Drum
Excitation Unit
2HP Induction Motor with Break Drum Arrengement 
Rheostays 300 ohms/2A
Digital Tachometers
Electrical Circuits Lab 1MHz Micro Controller function generators
Dual Regulated Power Supply(0-40V/2A)
Decade Resistance Box
Decade Inductance Box
2MHz Micro Controller function generators
Dual Regulated Power Supply(0-40V/2A)
Dual Trace CRO Mx(30MHz)
Decade Resistance Box
Decade Capacitance Box
Decade Inductance Box
Electrical MeasurementsLab Calibration and Testing of single phase energy meter (1ph Energy meter,Voltmeter-150/300V, Ammeter-10A, 1ph Variac- 0-270V/10A, Stop watch, Rheostat, Wattmeter)
Calibration of dynamometer power factor meter (Dynamo meter power factor meter, voltmeter, 1ph variac, wattmeter, 1ph inductive load)
Crampton DC potentio meter Calibration of PMMC ammeter and voltmeter (meter measuring range 500 micro volt, 1.15 v DC, Electronic standard cell, 2V fixed power supply volt ratio box, DC galvano meter)
Kelvins double bridge measurement of resistance determination of tolerance
Schering and Andersons bridge
Measurement of parameter of choke coil using 3 voltmeter and 3 ammeter (ammeter, voltmeter, 1ph variac)
Calibration LPF wattmeter by phatom loading(Volt meter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, 1ph variac, 1ph inductive load)
LVDT trainer Characteristics and calibration

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